The disadvantages of PET bottles

The disadvantages of PET bottles

If you look around you, you see more and more drinking bottles and less and less plastic PET bottles. Schools are replacing the PET bottle machine with water taps where you can fill your own drinking bottle, but why? There are several reasons for this and I will mention them below.

Plastic PET bottles are bad for the environment

The use of a refillable drinking bottle counteracts this unnecessary waste. Instead of using a plastic bottle once a day, you can use the refillable drinking bottle for years to come. Every day in the Netherlands alone, more than 500,000 plastic bottles are thrown away. A part is recycled, but a large part ends up in a garbage dump or eventually in the ocean. A shame.

This not only creates less waste, but also less harmful substances that are released into the air during the production of a PET bottle. One plastic bottle needs a quarter of a litre of oil to be made. In addition, for the production of PET bottles, petroleum is used together with other toxic chemicals.

Plastic bottles are bad for your health.

During the production of plastic bottles, a chemical substance is added to make the plastic a little softer. This substance is called BPA (Bisphenol A). This substance usually stays in the plastic, but when the plastic bottle gets warm the chemical can get into your water. Of course you want to avoid this. Reusable plastic or stainless steel water bottles are produced BPA free so you don’t have this problem.

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