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Amount of plastic we throw away by not reusing bottles and lunch boxes

BPA-free bottles and lunch boxes

With environmental education being treated as a compulsory subject at schools that are striving to make every student aware of the hazard that we are causing to our mother earth by disposing of plastic, it is saddening to see how there are still no positive changes brought about in people?s policies.

The real problem starts from the point where we choose to throw away our plastic drinking bottles and lunch boxes every single time we are using them, also leading to the increase in demand and the production of plastic. While we are delving deep into this issue, it is also crucial to keep in mind that not all plastic bottles and lunch boxes are ideal for reuse.

Not all plastic bottles and lunch boxes are ideal for reuse

It is because most of them are manufactured with the use of bisphenol A (BPA) which helps to store food inside them for a longer period. If we keep on using and reusing these plastic containers, after a certain point, the BPA compound can start entering our foods and beverages that will pose serious health issues like an abnormality in the brain, an increase in blood pressure, and dysfunction of the prostate glands from fetus to children. 

Throwing away from the plastic bottles and lunch boxes in a humungous amount is a huge factor contributing to the change in climate and the rise of the water level in the seas. According to reports, there are about 20,000 bottles that are thrown away every second in today?s date and this number is possibly going to double itself in the next twenty years if people keep using BPA plastic.

Will be saving at least 2000 containers per year

This figure plays a huge role in contributing to 91% of the plastic that is not recycled. While some countries are striving to switch to healthier options to enable and accelerate the production of reusable plastic bottles and lunch boxes, there are still some parts of the world that are ignorant about the overall decline that they are causing.

Statistics have shown that if we start using reusable bottles and lunch boxes; we will be saving at least 2000 containers per year, individually, assuming that each of us buys 4-5 drinking bottles and one or two lunch boxes per day.

BPA-free bottles and lunchboxes

Using BPA-free bottles and lunchboxes will help you to preserve you are as well as the environment’s health. Their biggest advantage lies in the fact that even if they come in contact with the heat inside a microwave or a dishwasher, none of the particles from the containers will seep into your food or drinks. Secondly, BPA-free plastic eradicates a major part of the harmful chemicals that goes into the making of plastic, which is life-threatening for both the user and the receiver.

Also, another useful alternative to BPA free plastic is ?Glasstics?, they are a fine mixture of glass and plastic, but the inner layers of the bottles and containers are wholly made of glass thus making them safe for use. Bottles and lunch boxes that are BPA free or made of glasstics, cost slightly more than the usual ones pertaining to its quality and thus it automatically curbs the number of these plastics thrown away.

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